Discovering Connections Together


Ngurra Advisory is a 100% owned and controlled Aboriginal business specialising in program design, service delivery strategies, RAP development and organisational cultural capability change management.

We work in partnership with corporates, government and not for profit organisations to build capacity around the successful delivery of programs and services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


Ngurra Advisory provides a holistic pathway for government and corporate organisations to deliver effective services to Aboriginal people that will have meaningful, long term outcomes.

We work closely with our clients to breakdown and analyse the challenges they face to determine the key opportunities and triggers that exist for positive organisational change. Utilising tried and tested strategies and tools, our team works with organisational leaders to activate initiatives that improve service delivery and improve the impact they have on their clients.

Our Unique Approach

Ngurra’s service offering is designed around our cultural connections and extensive experience working with our communities.

This impacts our service offering in two ways:

1. We provide a holistic approach to how we work with our clients to meet their needs. This is founded in the recognition that
everything is intrinsically connected and

2. We take a strengths-based approach to our work. Identifying and capitalising off on our clients strengths to leverage outcomes.

Working Together

Taking companies on a collaborative journey

Meaningful, long term outcomes and relationships

Guiding equitable solutions for companies and communities

Activating Change

Strength-based approach to work

Analyse challenges and determine the key opportunities

Consulting services for Aboriginal people by Aboriginal people

Create positive futures

Creating Connections

Creating greater connections and relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Recognition that everything is intrinsically connected

Process of discovery for connections

Ngurra Advisory understand that everything is intrinsically connected, embarking on a discovery journey with clients to find disconnections and opportunities to reconnect with their audience.

Our Services


Imbedded Program & Policy Design


Organisational Cultural Intelligence Building


Aboriginal Procurement Strategy Development


Media & Communications


Program Evaluations


Evidence and Outcome measurement


Ngurra Advisory


Mat Cornwell

Mat is a Wiradjuri man from South West New South Wales. He has extensive experience in Aboriginal community consultation and engagement and establishing and leading cross-agency collaborative initiatives. Mathew has significant experience in policy design in a human services context. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Anthropology from Australian National University.


Amy Barnes

Amy is a proud Wiradjuri woman with cultural ties from central NSW and now resides in Western Sydney. Amy has extensive experience in legal, financial services and Government organisations holding numerous leadership positions as both a project and program manager ensuring the successful planning, governance and monitoring for major projects. Amy has recently graduated from the UNSW Australian School of Business Aboriginal Career and Leadership Development Program.


Michael Lett

Michael has family ties and connections to both the Yuin and Murrawarri people of NSW. He is a former professional rugby league player, currently working with the NSW Fire and Rescue as a firefighter. Michael is actively involved with the IFARES - Indigenous Fire and Rescue Employment Strategy program providing leadership and mentoring support to participants.

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